BARC Board constitutes two-member committee to look into outlier policy

MUMBAI: The Broadcasters Audience Research Council’s (BARC) Board has constituted a committee to review the audience measurement body’s outlier policy.

The board has appointed former BARC India chairman Nakul Chopra and Magic9 Media & Consumer Knowledge chief executive Praveen Tripathi to look into the process and modifications of the policy if any.

“In line with the best practices, the Board has appointed a two-member committee which will look into the process and suggest modifications, if any. They are industry veterans and best suited to do this being independent and not affiliated to any interested parties,” a BARC India spokesperson said.

The spokesperson further added, “This is a great move. We at BARC India welcome the Board’s decision because as a Joint Industry Body operating in compliance with the Ministry of I&B, we follow best practices for the industry. An independent overview of the process & any recommendations to improve are always welcome and we look forward to working with this committee.”

Earlier, BARC India had reverted to the earlier process of treatment of landing page in the interim. The audience measurement body started filtering out outliers from the landing page following representation from the industry. BARC has neutralised the reach outliers (abnormal reach) for the week 23 data.

BARC India’s argument is that it cannot identify landing pages, therefore, it has been identifying reach outliers. This practice of identifying reach outliers is followed for all channels, however, the impact is more pronounced for smaller viewership channels like English news, business news.

“Please note that as per representations received from various stakeholders and as per our board mandate, we are in the interim reverting to our earlier process for treatment of landing page. The same will be reflective from Week 23 onwards till further notice. The process is also under review by the board,” BARC had said while releasing the week 23 data.

The Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) had set aside Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) landing page direction which barred broadcasters and distribution platform operators (DPOs) from placing a channel on the landing page.


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