Approach Entertainment forays into branded content space

MUMBAI: Film production and celebrity management company Approach Entertainment is foraying into branded content with a specialized production unit focusing on growing branded content segments.

The company has recently signed an auto major for a branded content digital video with a standup comedian. It is also building up its capabilities in digital marketing and content distribution apart from production.

Approach Entertainment Branded content division is being launched with the objective to offer integrated services in Branded entertainment production. The company will offer entire production and distribution services to engage the audience in an entertaining way and delivering the brand message at the same time. Approach Entertainment Branded content division will be headed by Writer, Director and Producer Sonu Tyagi.

The company will also work on new shows development for TV channels focusing on its celebrity management base and the talents roster of the company. Approach Entertainment is planning to be the top Line Productions Company in India in the next two years.

The film productions company is in talks with the top Directors of Bollywood, Cinematographers, Writers, Art Directors, Actors to offer complete integrated line productions services for different genres of film making. The production house has already brought a few very talented young filmmakers on board. Two young Ad Films Directors and Creative Consultants are already on board.

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