Animal Planet unveils new programming line-up, brand identity, Tamil audio channel

MUMBAI: Wildlife channel Animal Planet has unveiled new programming, new logo and Tamil audio channel beginning today as part of its 20th-anniversary celebration. The channel aims to immerse viewers in the entire spectrum of life in the animal kingdom will kick start its 20th-anniversary celebrations in India today 15th July.

As a part of the celebrations, the channel will adopt a new Animal Planet mark incorporating the image of a leaping elephant. The new identity aims to keep the childhood joy and wonder of animals alive by bringing people up close to animals in every way with content that explores undeniable bond forged between animals and humans.

Further, Animal Planet aims to galvanise people power to promote animal conservation in a big way. The channel will launch multiple initiatives throughout the year to achieve this objective.

Animal Planet also announced that it will offer all new/ refreshed programming as part of the celebrations. The channel will increase focus on blue-chip programming related to Indian wildlife. Animal Planet has also launched a new YouTube channel ‘Animal Planet India’ with an aim to build an online community which is passionate about wildlife.

“We are kickstarting 20th anniversary of Animal Planet in India by refreshing our brand identity and brand personality. The channel’s mission is to celebrate & explore our vital, enriching and ultimately humanizing connection with the animal world. The new look Animal Planet will offer trusted heaven for the whole family to enjoy the best of wildlife content. To make the connect deeper with our younger audiences, we will be introducing a dedicated weekend programming slot,” said Discovery India MD South Asia Megha Tata.

“Animal Planet will sharpen focus on stories linked to animal conservation as it aims to awaken viewers to the need for animal welfare and conservation. We will be launching multiple initiatives to harness the power of millions of animal lovers across the country for the cause of animal conservation. As a corporate, we are already taking affirmative action to help conserve the world’s most iconic and endangered creatures. Through Project CAT and our partner WWF, we have already made progress in our goal to help double the world’s wild tiger population by 2022.”

Tata further stated that Animal Planet will engage with superfans in a new way with the launch of ‘Animal Planet India’ YouTube channel which will offer short-form visually stunning exclusive wildlife content with an underlying brand message of ‘Animals are Human-like Us’. “The launch of a digital channel is a strategic step to support our linear feed; the aim is to congregate animal overs digitally at one place so that we engage and converse in a deeper manner as we intensify focus on conservation led messaging.”

As a part of the revamped programming strategy, Animal Planet will offer globally acclaimed content produced by the best production houses. There will be an increased focus on content based on Indian wildlife starting with anthologies such as the second season of ‘100 Days 100 Tales’ and ‘Animal Planet Presents’.

From next month, Animal Planet will premiere India based shows including ‘Snake Squad’, a show that reveals stories of snake rescue in India; ‘Heroes of the Wild Frontiers’ – stories of forest guards from various national parks/reserves in India who are working on ground level to secure and conserve Indian wildlife followed by season two of the franchise ‘Lion Queens’. The channel will also premiere the third season of ‘Mission Big CAT’. This is an anthology of shows dedicated to Big Cats.

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