Amazon Prime Music introduces Alexa voice-enabled features

MUMBAI: Amazon Prime Music has launched new voice-enabled features for customers in India to bring more ways for customers to listen to and discover music. ‘Local Popularity’ and ‘Play more like this’ voice features with Alexa are designed to improve music discovery and listening experiences both on its mobile app using Alexa, as well as on Echo family of devices.

This introduction of voice-enabled features, including the recently launched voice commands, represents Amazon Prime Music’s ongoing innovation to give listeners easier, natural, and more fun ways to enjoy music wherever they are.

With the ‘Local Popularity’ voice feature on Alexa, only on Amazon Prime Music, Prime members can now discover music that’s popular in these and other cities or countries by simply asking Alexa to play the most popular music in that city or country. Simply ask, “Alexa, play popular songs in Bengaluru”.

In addition, when customers are now listening to their favorite tracks on Amazon Prime Music and want to discover more, similar music, they can simply ask, ‘Alexa, play more like this’. Alexa will then select and play songs similar to that favourite track, making it easier to sit back and enjoy.

Commenting on the new feature launches, Amazon Prime Music director Sahas Malhotra said, “Whether our listeners are traveling to another country/city or sitting at home, our goal is the same – to offer customers the ability to effortlessly discover and listen to whatever music they want to hear, wherever they are. With the launch of voice-enabled ‘Local Popularity’ feature in India, Amazon Prime Music becomes your global music buddy that makes discovering trending music from any part of the world magical. Similarly, with ‘Play more like this’ feature, Alexa makes the journey of music discovery customized to your favorite tracks/artists easier”.

Local Popularity: Not living in your home city, traveling on work or on a holiday but want to stay connected with the music that’s popular locally? Looking to enjoy global charts in different cities, from across the globe? Now sitting in any part of the world, music lovers can listen to top songs from another part of the world with ‘Local Popularity’. Alexa now brings you popular music from over hundreds of top Indian and international cities at the tip of your tongue.

Play more like this: This provides Amazon Prime Music listeners with a new way to discover music customized to their favorite tracks or artists. With the launch of this feature, Alexa takes away the effort of customers having to repeatedly request Alexa for various songs or artists by playing songs or artists similar to what customers are already listening to.

Other recently launched voice-enabled features:

With the recent launch of ‘Play recently played songs’ and ‘Play songs haven’t heard in a while’, Amazon Prime Music aims to make it easier to go back and listen to music from an earlier point in time by asking Alexa, eliminating the need to remember specific track titles or look back through listening history.

Listeners can easily ask for their recently played songs or even those they haven’t heard in a while by artist, genre or time to make the listening experience even easier, including “Alexa, play music that I was listening to last week” or “Alexa, play me the Arijit Singh song I was listening to three weeks ago”. Also, listeners can ask, “Alexa, create a new playlist from this song” or add a song from their play queue to an existing personal playlist with “Alexa, add this song to my playlist”, making it easier to track and explore music while significantly enhancing the day-to-day listening experience.

Prime Music is an ad-free service launched as a Prime benefit at no additional cost to the annual membership of Rs. 999 and monthly membership of Rs. 129. Amazon Prime Music includes tens of millions of songs across major International and Indian music labels in over 20 languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and multiple other Indian languages.

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