Amagi launches machine learning-based content preparation service Tornado

MUMBAI: Amagi, a global leader in cloud-based technology for media processing, has launched a machine learning-based content preparation service Tornado that enables TV networks and content owners to scale their operations, accelerate broadcast workflows, generate new revenues and reduce operational costs.

Compared to traditional manual content preparation, Amagi Tornado is claimed to be nearly six times more efficient, allowing broadcasters free up capital and streamline workflows.

Over the last three years, the broadcast industry has had to evolve significantly due to a rise in multi-screen content consumption, demands for “here and now” content and a shift in how consumers are viewing content as more consumers move from cable to over the top (OTT) services.

In such an evolving scenario, TV networks, content owners, and digital-first networks are creatively trying to grab a piece of the action by trying new mediums and delivery methods to provide better experiences to consumers while streamlining costs and operations. However, despite these efforts, content preparation continues to require pain-staking hours of manual work and massive overhead costs.

Tornado is a first-of-its-kind, cloud-based machine learning-augmented content preparation suite that tackles content preparation challenges head-on. Amagi Tornado is conceptualised as a suite of machine learning-based content preparation services that dynamically evolve as machines learn more about each segment of a video asset as they process higher volumes of content.

According to Amagi, Tornado can cater to the unique preparation needs of TV networks, content owners, vMVPD platforms, and digital-first networks with the company planning to continually expand the suite functionality and capabilities to optimize the entire broadcast workflow.

“Given how competitive broadcasting has gotten today, it has never been more important for broadcasters to be able to optimise their operations and spends. Tornado is game-changing for broadcasters and their teams today, allowing them to spend more time on creating better experiences for consumers and less time on mundane tasks,” said Amagi CEO Deepakjit Singh.

Through Tornado broadcasters can:

  • Factory-scale VOD segment creation: The Linear broadcast model is highly reliant on a sophisticated processing of video for ad break points identification, credits, color bars and blacks. Using Amagi Tornado, this process can be completely automated, allowing broadcasters to simply upload video assets to Tornado, and then prepare breakpoints based on pre-loaded inputs from human content preparation specialists.
  • Auto ad detection of mid-roll ads: Using machine learning techniques, Tornado can automatically detect ads in linear broadcast streams without any ad markers by comparing video segments with an active ad library. This allows broadcasters to better optimise their mid-roll ads allowing them to insert the most appropriate, localised ads within their feeds which is challenging for OTT advertisers and broadcasters today.
  • Near real-time live to VOD conversion: Amagi Tornado will soon allow broadcasters to create near real-time creation of the video on demand (VoD) content from live broadcasts. Meaning, for example, broadcasters can create sports highlights packages automatically with little to no human effort required from “fresh off-the-air” sports contests and more.

Founded in 2008, Amagi formally debuted in the US in 2017. Amagi is the leader in cloud-managed broadcast services and targeted advertising for TV and OTT, enabling TV networks to launch, operate, and monetize channels anywhere in the world.

Amagi has deployments in more than 40 countries and delivers nearly 100 feeds to audiences worldwide. In addition to Cinedigm, Amagi clients include industry heavyweights such as Viceland, Scripps Networks, Discovery Communications’ DSport, Turner Broadcasting and more.

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