Amagi helps Shout! Factory TV to deliver its feed to Xumo, Twitch platforms in US

MUMBAI: Media tech company Amagi has stated that Shout! Factory TV has selected its Cloudport channel playout platform to manage playout for its linear TV channel and deliver its feed to Xumo and Twitch platforms in the US.

Shout! Factory TV is a digital channel which has a library of over 2,000 hours of programming that includes TV shows such as ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’, ‘Father Knows Best’ and ‘Super Sentai’; films such as ‘Sophie’s Choice’, ‘Rock N Roll High School’ and ‘Kentucky Fried Movie’; animation including ‘Goode Family’; comedy specials from Steve Martin and Kathy Griffin, variety shows such as The Dick Cavett Show, and original programming such as ‘Backlot’, among others.

“For a rapidly expanding digital channel such as ours, we need a broadcast technology partner who can understand and respond to our unique needs. Amagi, through its high-quality cloud broadcast technology, gives us the distinct advantage to manage our content, playout, and delivery to multiple vMVPD platforms as per our business needs with a very short time-to-market. We are now able to deploy a Cable TV–like quality and reliable TV experience for our viewers,” said Shout! Factory senior VP digital Gene Pao.

As a result of Cloudport implementation, Shout! Factory TV is able to move all of its content to a secure AWS public cloud instance, create playlists, add dynamic graphics, manage schedules, playout and monitor the channel – all through a simple yet advanced remote web interface. A true cloud playout, Amagi Cloudport gives the flexibility to spin up new channels and deliver them to leading vMVPD platforms such as Xumo and Twitch.

“Digital channels are aggressively pushing the envelope in creating best-in-class viewer experience. We are proud to partner with Shout! Factory TV to launch their linear TV channels on digital platforms. We have been at the forefront of broadcast technology innovation and driving cloud adoption among traditional broadcasters in recent years. So, it’s equally delightful to be able to ride the next wave of broadcast revolution in supporting new-age digital channels like Shout! Factory TV caters to diverse audience needs,” said Amagi CEO Deepakjit Singh.

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