All cable TV customers have migrated to new regime either by exercising choice or through ‘best fit pack’: TRAI

MUMBAI: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has claimed that almost all cable TV customers have been migrated to the new tariff regime while the figure for direct to home (DTH) customers is 43%.

According to PTI, the TRAI has been informed by multi system operators (MSOs) that almost all cable TV consumers have either made their channel preferences or been moved to ‘best fit plan’ under the new tariff regime.

The regulator had held a meeting with distribution platform owners (DPOs) on Friday to review the progress of migration of TV viewers under the new framework.

“As per inputs provided by DPOs, near 100% consumers of cable TV homes have been migrated to the new framework either based on options of subscribers or as per ‘best fit plan’,” TRAI secretary SK Gupta. “Among DTH service homes, over 43% consumers have already been migrated. When combined with statistics for ‘best fit plan’, this number rises to 57%.”

The DTH service providers have submitted to the TRAI that all their subscribers will be migrated to new framework in the next 2-3 weeks. “TRAI is urging subscribers to exercise their options to select TV channels of their choice, immediately. DPOs have been instructed to execute the options of subscribers at the earliest,” he said.

Earlier this month, the TRAI has extended the deadline for consumers who have not exercised their options under the new pricing regime till 31st March. The deadline is not applicable for those subscribers who have exercised their choice under the new regime.

The regulator has also directed the DPOs to migrate customers who have not exercised their options to a ‘Best Fit Plan’. It further stated that the old plan of the subscribers will continue till either subscriber has exercised his/her option, or he/she is migrated to the ‘Best Fit Plan’.

It further stated that subscribers will be free to change their ‘Best Fit Plan’ at any date and time on or before 31st July 2019 and DPOs shall convert their ‘Best Fit Plan’ into the desired pack (channel/Bouquet) within 72 hours from the time choice exercised by the subscriber.

It also clarified that there will be no ‘lock-in period’ for the subscribers till 31st March 2019 who has been migrated to ‘Best Fit Plan’ by DPOs.