Aaj Tak HD was numero uno HD channel across genres on counting day

MUMBAI: Hindi HD news channel Aaj Tak HD has claimed that it was the top HD channel across genres on an all-India basis on 23rd May, the election results day.

Aaj Tak HD’s ratings for viewership on the counting day surpassed the viewership of all other HD channels across genres. Aaj Tak HD was launched by the India Today Group in November 2018.

According to the BARC data released for the Counting Day, HD channels across genres had recorded the following data.

Aaj Tak HD differentiated itself through ground reporting, accurate exit poll, state-of-the-art roving studios from the ground and election intelligence tools to capture the largest democratic exercise in all its flavours. All of this put together helped the channel to bring a superlative experience for its viewers.

Source: BARC, TG: 15+, Market: HSM, Gross Imp’000

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