9X Media to nurture raw music talent

MUMBAI: 9X Media will nurture upcoming raw musical talent and provide them a launch pad.

Mentoring the new talent, 9X Media has taken three upcoming musical artists of diverse genres under its wings. These three artists – Rossh, Rae and Farid Ahmed will be managed by 9X Media with a 360 degree holistic approach that a music label would, and much more! The artists would get a mega launch pad on 9X Media’s channels and cross pollination across all its other properties.

9X Media senior VP content, strategic alliances Rajitta Hemwaani said, “The company is all geared up to discover, nurture and proliferate independent music content and talent. Hence clutter breaking sounds, super talented musicians across genres and trend setting music videos are going to adorn our screen soon. I am extremely excited about not just building the new singers and musicians but the next mega brands in entertainment. Something that this country is totally ready for! A long-term successful brand is what 9X Media envisions for each one of them.”

From creating a super sleek music video for the artists to providing them a wide reach across 350 million television viewers and around 20 million digital communities, 9X Media will partner the talent in their musical journey.

Waiting in the wings for immediate release in the next couple of months include Rossh, a rapper, musician and writer all rolled in one. Super talented, his debut original, Chillum, is one of the most popular viral tracks having garnered eight million views organically.

Rossh has also composed the title track `Goosebumps’ of the Jackie Chan, movie, Kung Fu Yoga.

His music caters to the youth today, with all its vibrancy. He specialises in Hip Hop, Reggae, Urban Desi, Sufi and Bollywood.

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