6.83 cr STBs seeded in DAS Phases III and IV; Maharashtra tops the list

MUMBAI: The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB) has claimed that 66.79% or 6.44 crore set-top boxes (STBs) have been seeded in Phase III and IV areas of digital addressable system (DAS) excluding Tamil Nadu.

Excluding Tamil Nadu, the total number of TV households in Phases III and IV stood at 9.65 crore. If one includes Tamil Nadu, the seeding percentage falls to 59.79% or 6.83 crore out of 11.42 crore total TV households.

Rajyavardhan-Singh-Rathore-coverMaharashtra has seen the highest STB seeding at 7.2 million out of 10.1 million TV homes. The total seeding percentage in the state stood at 71.18%.

Kerala, which had 7.14 million TV homes, saw 92.93% STB seeding. In Andhra Pradesh, the 70.72% of 8.3 million homes have been digitised. In UP, 5.87 million STBs have been seeded out of 11 million required.

Tamil Nadu, which had a whopping 17.7 million homes in Phases III and IV, has seen a seeding of 3.84 million STBs representing 21.72% seeding. Telangana with 5 million homes has seen only 40.41% seeding.

Other states with sizeable TV homes like Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Odisha have seen roughly 60–70% seeding. Gujarat and Haryana have 87.88% and 78.15% seeding respectively. Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal have seen 51.25% and 36.26% seeding respectively.

DAS Phases III & IV - Seeding status as on 14-3-2017

The above information is based on the information provided by the Minister of State in the MIB Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore in the Rajya Sabha.

Rathore said that the ministry has provided combined data for the two phases since the areas of Phase III and IV overlap.

The minister also said that Phases I, II and III of DAS have been completed successfully except in Tamil Nadu State, which is pending due to court cases. The cut-off date for Phase IV is 31 March and there is at present no proposal to extend it further, he stated.

For Phases I and II, 100% STB requirements have been met except in Tamil Nadu. For Phase III & IV, the ministry had developed an MIS online software for collection of seeding status of STBs.

In its annual report, the MIB had stated that 85 lakh cable STBs have been installed in Phase I cities. The maximum number of 34 lakh STBs were installed in Delhi, followed by 26 lakh in Mumbai, 22 lakh in Kolkata and 3.5 lakh in Chennai. In the second phase, 21.5 million STBs have been seeded. This takes the total for the first two phases to 30 million.

In the third phase, around Rs 40 million STBs have been seeded. This leaves 70 million homes in Phase IV which are yet to be digitised, the MIB had stated. The total STB requirement for all four phases of DAS was 140 million.