This World Blood Donor Day add blood donation to your to-do list

MUMBAI: Every two seconds someone needs blood and more than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day while a single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood. Aren’t these facts petrifying? This World Blood Donor Day, MTV, the voice of the youth, urges youngsters out there to step up and donate blood. And now you may ask, what’s in it for you? By being a part of this noble deed, donors can not only save a lot of lives, but also benefit from it. Donating the red elixir of life can benefit donors in more ways than one which include better blood flow, healthier heart and liver and most importantly, a longer life.

Channels, MTV and MTV Beats have taken the onus of spreading awareness amongst the youth of the country of the need for blood donors. The channels have created two films for World Blood Donors Day and through these films they are encouraging youngsters to donate blood voluntarily because every second of every day, people all around the world depend on blood donation to survive.

These 30 seconder quirky videos aim to captivate the attention of the youth through humor. The first film is a wacky take on blood donation wherein two packets of blood are shown involved in the act of love- making. This video highlights the fact that blood is not created through sexual intercourse, but can only be donated from one person to another. The second video showcases a young man and woman donating blood. The video harps on the importance of blood donation by stating that real men, women and most importantly, “real people” donate blood.

Staying true to its brand ethos, ‘Blood Me Hai Beat’, MTV Beats has already started the countdown on its official Facebook page ahead of World Blood Donor Day through quirky GIFs. The GIFs request youngsters to eat a lot of greens, gulp down oodles of water and refrain from drinking alcohol 48 hours prior to donating blood. Donors can call Indian Red Cross Society (www.indianredcross.org) on 022- 40500400 to donate blood and be a part of the noble cause.

So muster up the courage to overcome your fear of needles and help others by donating blood!
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Real men donate blood, real women also donate blood. Then what are you waiting for? An invitation?Call Now and Donate – 022-400500400 #WorldBloodDonorDay Indian Red Cross Society

Posted by MTV India on Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017

If only it were that easy, BUT it's not that hard either.Call karo, Donate karo – 022-400500400Indian Red Cross Society #WorldBloodDonorDay #BloodMeinHaiBeat

Posted by MTV Beats on Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017