This Mother's Day, discover a friend in your mom, only with Romedy NOW

MUMBAI: Romedy NOW is celebrating this Mother’s Day with a fun-filled line-up of special movies that salutes super moms around the world. The channel will be airing dedicated property titled ‘Mum’s The World’ featuring movies such as Life As We Know It, Mamma Mia, Parent Trap, Raising Helen, Ice Princess and My Mom’s New Boyfriend on May 14th from 9 am to 9 pm.

To make this Mother’s Day even more special, Romedy NOW conducted a unique social experiment to help teenagers and young adults develop a deeper bond of friendship with their mothers. The experiment ‘#ConfessionsOFAMom’ had mothers confessing their secrets such as like ‘I had my first drink when I was 14’, ‘I was once suspended from college for excessive ragging’, ‘I broke your sister’s watch and let you take the blame’ etc. on camera. We then took their confessions and created a Gallery of Confessions. We invited their children inside the gallery and asked them to guess which confession belongs to their mother, while the mothers watched their children’s reaction on camera. The idea behind this experiment was that when we discover secrets about our mother, we start seeing her in a new light, and that leads to the beginning of a truly honest and beautiful friendship.