The Gujarat Lions’ exceptional captain’s Journey, wasn't all hunky dory

MUMBAI: Suresh Raina, Captain of the rampant Gujarat Lions, recently opened up about the hardships he had to face as a young adult on the show, ‘Taste Match’, which has shaped him to become the strong athlete he is today.

In conversation with Sandeep Patil, he shares how he emerged as a stronger person in spite of experiencing years of bullying and teasing. An emotional Raina says to Sandeep, “I was deeply affected by constant bullying in my early years and would often jot down my experiences in a diary as it was therapeutic. One day, my mom got a hold of my diary and broke down when she read about these tormenting instances.”

The Indian middle-order batsman, Raina also spilled the beans on his rumored rivalry with fellow cricketer Ravendra Jadeja. Raina said, “We’re actually great friends off the field.” He also recalled the moments with the ‘Master Blaster’ and said, “Sachin actually took me out for sushi, when I scored my first hundred. He also reminisced how his partnership with Yuvraj helped in saving the day during an action-packed match.”

The duo was also joined by Mumbai Indians ‘magnificent bowler, Jasprit Bumrah, who revealed the secret behind the deadly Yorker ball. He said “I used to practice by aiming at the skirting of the wall while playing so that I don’t wake my mother up from her afternoon nap.” Jasprit opened about his mentor Malinga, known for his peculiar yet exceptional bowling skills. Bumrah also shared the joy of taking his first wicket “My first wicket was quite nerve wracking as Virat had already hit three consecutive boundaries.”

Over a lavish spread, the cricketers discussed how they miss home-cooked meals as they live away from home. Raina also spoke about his love for music and singing.

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