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TLC lines up Valentine’s Day specials

MUMBAI: Next month to celebrate Valentine’s Day, lifestyle channel TLC will offer a line-up of shows and a marketing campaign targeted at millennial women. The line-up includes shows customised for Indian viewers.

The Valentine’s special line-up premieres on 13 February and will air Monday to Friday from 9 pm to midnight, on TLC.

The Valentine’s Day special premieres include ‘Undressed’, a brand-new show that redefines dating and personal chemistry between two people; ‘Love Ka Menu’, which has men cooking to impress the woman they want to date; and ‘Sister Wives’, a reality show about a man, his four wives and the dynamics of their relationship.

‘Undressed’ turns the concept of dating on its head. Two strangers meet, undress each other and then get to know each other as they answer personal questions about each other. Beyond the provocative headline, at its heart are funny, adorable and sometimes awkward connections that people form on the show.

‘Love Ka Menu’ hands over the reins to women to find romance. In each episode, one lucky woman enjoys three very special meals cooked for her by three eager blind dates. After three blind dates, the woman decides who she will date and which two will be left alone.

‘Sister Wives’ is a tale of a man who fell in love not once, twice but four times and married all four women. The dynamics of their relationships, the equation between the four women and how they manage the affections of the same man make this an exciting reality series to look out for.