22 Nov 2017
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Star World Premiere HD to air Season 5 of ‘The Americans’ from 11 March

MUMBAI: Star World Premiere HD is all set to air the fifth season of Emmy award winning drama series ‘The Americans’ on 11 March, every Saturday at 9 pm.

Heading into its penultimate season, the series boasts of a cast with Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actors like Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys in lead roles. Russell and Rhy play the character of Elizabeth Jennings and Philip Jennings, two Russian spies posing as Americans while residing in Washington DC, in order to spy on the American government.

As the series enters its endgame, season 5 will further explore the relationships between the Jennings even more closely while Elizabeth (Russell) and Philip Jennings (Rhys) continue to spy. Elizabeth and Philip investigate an American plot to create a famine in the Soviet Union and have found themselves a son who will work alongside them with no hesitation.

As for their daughter Paige (Holly Taylor), she will be shown in an even tougher spot this season as she struggles in dealing with the truth about her parents’ real identity. Phil and Liz are not happy about her budding relationship with Matthew, the son of their friendly FBI agent neighbour Stan Beeman (played by The Truman Show fame Noah Emmerich) worrying that their relationship could cloud her judgment and lead her to blurt out what’s lurking behind the closet. Meanwhile, Paige has resorted to sleeping in her closet at night in order to feel safe after witnessing her mother murder a man with her bare hands last season.

Executive producer Joel Fields says, “Our experience making the show really hasn’t changed. Because we make the show very much in a bubble of the early ’80s. Their story is their story by now. But certainly, the audience’s experience of watching it is going to change.”

Garnering IMDB rating of 8.3, the show mainly focuses on the personal and professional struggles of The Jennings as a couple while incorporating some significant real-life events into the narrative. Taking from recent conversations about Russia and Trump, creators of the series think that audiences may start looking at the show differently now, drawing connect between the two. The critically acclaimed series that has been nominated for a total of 57 awards including the prestigious Emmys and Golden Globe won 12 of those nominations.