21 Nov 2017
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Satyamev Jayate’s social media explosion

MUMBAI: Although the first episode of Aamir Khan’s ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’ on Star Plus garnered mixed response among television viewers, the show exploded on social media platforms.

smj_sponsors_logoAs per statistics provided by the channel to TelevisionPost.com, the campaign got 9.9 million positive responses from viewers (as on 6 March) and 3,903,310 missed calls were received. There were 40,369 followers on Twitter and 725,067 members on Facebook. The other statistics run like this: 17,772 site comments, 57,524 SMS responses, 5,028,011 video views on the digital platform YouTube and 37,125 responses on the petition to vote for change.

The marketing campaign for the new season of the show was conceptualised around the thought of ‘Jinhe Desh Ki Fikr Hai’. The campaign was spread across various platforms including TV, print, outdoor, digital and radio.

Another key element integral to the campaign was a series of on-ground activations with ambient touch-points called ‘Fikr Touch points’ created across the country to take forward the campaign message.

The marketing activity created a buzz around the show which led to 4.4 million promo views of the show on YouTube before its launch on 2 March.

Aamir Khan in Satyamev Jayate  (2)The buzz and interest generated pre-launch led to a massive response on social networking sites on the day of launch too, which saw ‘Satyamev Jayate’ trending as the number one topic across social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter together resulted in 54.2 million impressions on the launch day itself.

Incidentally, in season one too, ‘Satyamev Jayate’ was the trending topic for the whole day during launch in India’; it even trended worldwide. As per the channel, it was the only show to have trended at number one position for each episode.

Over the entire course of season one, the show had received Rs 22.3 crore (Rs 223 million) through donations, 1.3 billion impressions on digital and 15 million messages were posted across web and mobile. The show garnered 487144 messages on its website, 445389 on the Facebook page, 3176620 page views on the website and 59230605.97 Facebook impressions.

Aamir Khan in Satyamev Jayate  (5)The second season of the show aimed to carry forward from the impact created in the first season by laying a greater emphasis on digital media through the use of an integrated approach covering various digital touch points like mobile, social media and web throughout the year.

Taking forward that thought, the channel initiated a Yahoo takeover for the entire day on 2 March. ‘Satyamev Jayate’ owned Yahoo for a day where banners across each section like News, Cricket, Entertainment and Mail were contextualised to the campaign thought of ‘Jinhe Desh Ki Fikr Hai’. The initiative on the webpage led to over 108 million impressions being recorded in a day with more than four lakh clicks.

Apart from digital, the show also embarked on an innovative route to generate buzz prior to the launch of the show. The promotional activity was designed in a way where Khan himself personally called viewers to watch ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Out bound calls in Khan’s voice went out to the entire country resulting in a total of 23 million impressions in a day.

Aamir Khan in Satyamev Jayate  (6)Radio too was not far behind, with its reach and listenership. A first of its kind crowd sourced ‘Sataymev Jayate’ anthem was created on Radio Mirchi where listeners contributed their favourite lines from the Satyamev Jayate anthem and created an exclusive rendition of the song on radio.

The efforts paid off for the channel and the show when the opening episode of Satyamev Jayate’s vote for change campaign received 4 million missed calls (as on 6 March).

The top 10 regions from where the channel received the miss calls included Maharashtra/Goa, Bihar/Jharkhand, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh/Chattisgarh, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh East, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Punjab.

Viewers were encouraged to give a missed call on a toll free number to support the cause raised on the episode through other characters from the Star Plus family. The lead protagonist on Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum, Sandhya, took forward the cause of women empowerment raised in the first episode by urging the country to support Star Plus’ demand for the creation of ‘One stop rape crisis centres’ across India by giving a missed call on the toll free number.