21 Nov 2017
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NDTV 24×7 announces programming line-up leading up to election results

MUMBAI: It’s being called a watershed election—the most important in three decades—and accordingly, news broadcaster NDTV’s English news channel NDTV 24X7 has announced its coverage plans.

NDTV says that it has innovated to provide programming on the election results with technology and forecasts. Prannoy Roy, Dorab Sopariwala, Vikram Chandra, Barkha Dutt, Sreenivasan Jain, Nidhi Razdan and Vishnu Som will be seen taking viewers out of the studio to real India giving them a ring-side view of all the action.

Programming details:

  • ‘The Final Word’: Prannoy Roy and Dorab Sopariwala have commissioned a series of opinion polls and exit polls ever—over 200,000 interviews—aimed at greater accuracy and precision (this reduces the sampling error to only +/- two per cent, which is unprecedented for India and comparable with global standards). Moreover, the sampling design involves randomised selection from electoral rolls, ensuring that voters in even the most remote and backward areas are not excluded and are interviewed in-depth.
  • Based on this methodology, ‘The Final Word’ will forecast who’s winning each state and who will form the next government at the Centre. The number of seats each party wins will be tracked over the weeks and reasons for the changes, as campaigning progresses, will be analysed for viewers along with clear and detailed explanations for the swing that’s been identified.
  • ‘The Battleground with Prannoy Roy’: For India, for over a decade, this has been the gold standard of election programming. Battleground is the original and now much-imitated political analysis show, with the biggest politicians in the country appearing on it to respond to the findings of hard-core on-the-ground reportage and polling data. The series of six to eight programmes (of one hour each), set the trend of broadcasting not from the studio, but from outdoor locations in the heart of each state, i.e. the true battlegrounds of these elections. This show focuses on the key issues behind the opinion poll and exit poll data and trends. Prannoy Roy interacts with a panel of leading experts who discuss election survey data in the context of the amalgam of the politics and contradictions of each major state. The battleground is the blue-chip analysis show.
  • ‘Exit Polls’: Combining experience, graphics and micro and macro analysis, this is the finale of these elections. Prannoy Roy and Dorab Sopariwala will forecast the winners and losers in the next Lok Sabha. NDTV’s exit polls, led by Prannoy Roy, aims to ensure that any differentials are eliminated on account of turnout, since exit polls only question electors that have already voted. Moreover, the larger sample sizes associated with NDTV’s exit polls reduce the sampling error to a minimum. The on-air analysis and presentation have, in election after election, drawn top politicians as guests and the widest audiences.

‘India Decides’ is the final countdown with Roy. Beginning at 7 am on the counting day, 16 May, NDTV’s show will be anchored by Roy. He will pivot a show that will also leverage new technology to guarantee the first look at who India has voted for. During the day, Roy will be joined by Barkha Dutt, Vikram Chandra and Sreenivasan Jain, as well as by NDTV’s reporters.