21 Nov 2017
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National Geographic Channels International commissions Clear Story to produce ‘Nazi War Diggers’

MUMBAI: Infotainment broadcaster National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) has announced the commission of ‘Nazi War Diggers’, a new four-part series from independent production company ClearStory, which examines the brutal battlefields of WWII’s Eastern Front.

‘Nazi War Diggers’ airs next month in Europe and will air in the UK on 13 May.

Filmed on location in Poland and the Baltics, ‘Nazi War Diggers’ unearths the archaeology and history at the sites of some of the most intense battles of WWII. They explore the war zones of the Eastern Front with a four-man team dedicated to excavating battle relics while uncovering and sharing a snapshot of the fallen soldiers’ stories. Working in close collaboration with local archaeologists and licensed preservation organisations, the team seeks to preserve history – all while encountering frustrating false trails, fascinating finds, poignant personal effects, and the remains of soldiers from both sides. With the evidence they find, they reveal some of the dramatic stories of the Eastern Front.

The ‘Nazi War Diggers’ team consists of former US marine Craig Gottlieb, who brings a deep understanding of military tactics and the ability to ‘read’ battlefields; Stephen Taylor, whose knowledge of military relics enables him to identify any scrap of Second World War metal that comes out of the ground, including who made it and in what year; and Kris Rodgers, who serves as the go-to gadget guy and digging-technology expert. The fourth member of the team is Polish metal detectorist Adrian Kostromski whose connection to the stories is a deeply personal one.

NGCI executive VP, head of international content Hamish Mykura said, “Nazi War Diggers is a race against time to uncover lost combat relics to be meticulously preserved – stark reminders of some of the most brutal battles of WWII. Along the way, it offers viewers a powerful look at the lives of these soldiers whose last moments are frozen in time on forgotten battlegrounds. NGCI is thrilled to have partnered with ClearStory on this revealing and gripping series.”

Russell Barnes and Molly Milton are executive producers for ClearStory. Barnes said, “ClearStory continues to make its mark as a producer of content that portrays powerful human stories and for series that tackle big ideas in history and science. This series achieves all of those aims. The Eastern Front of WWII saw probably the bloodiest fighting in human history and time is running out for us to capture the historical truths of the conflict that lie literally hidden in the ground. Nazi War Diggers not only tells the lost human stories behind the battles, but it also explores ethical ways to preserve our history and the dignity of the people who made it.”