26 Sep 2017
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‘Minority Report’ makes its way to FX from 7 march

MUMBAI: Edgy entertainment channel FX will premiere the series ‘Minority Report’. Adapted from film-maker Steven Spielberg’s esteemed movie ‘Minority Report’ starring Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton, the TV series is a sequel to what happened after Cruise shut down the PreCrime program, an experiment in justice that relied on the visions of three precogs to put bad guys behind bars in anticipation of the crimes they were hypothetically going to commit.

The show kicks off on 7 March and airs Monday-Friday at 9 pm.

The TV series ‘Minority Report’ picks up from when the PreCrime unit in the movie shuts down in the year 2054 and fast forwards to 11 years later in 2065 in a world where a lot of people seem to miss PreCrime. The three precogs (individuals who possess precognition as a form of extra-sensory perception and have the ability to predict crime before it takes place) Agatha (Laura Regan), Arthur (Nick Zano) and his twin brother Dash (Stark Sands) integrate into society to live a normal life.

However, flashes of murders yet to happen still enter their heads and Dash decides to ignore the abolishment of the PreCrime unit to stop the murders and save lives. He decides to go vigilante with one of Washington DC’s detectives Lara Vega (Meagen Good).

This is the first Steven Spielberg movie to be adapted into a TV series.