18 Nov 2017
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Journey through Jonathan Nolan’s ‘Westworld’ on Star World

MUMBAI: ‘Westworld’ will premiere on Star Word and Star World HD on 24 August at 10 pm. Set in a futuristic Western theme park populated with android hosts, where guests are free to indulge their every impulse, the series follows a cast of characters consisting of guests, hosts and the creators of the park, as they seek adventure and explore the mysteries of Westworld.

‘Westworld’ takes viewers through a scientific journey that examines the darker side of entertainment.

The drama series features Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton and James Marsden.

The show has already been renewed for a second season. According to Evan Rachel Wood, season 1 was just a build up for the rest of the series. “I think the first season is an amazing prequel and a good setup for the actual show. It’s a unique show because you really could make every season different, and there are limitless possibilities’’. She also added that the characters can never really die, “I really want to see where the showrunners are going to take everything — and if it’s going to be like the film, where there’s many different worlds, and what those would be.”