21 Nov 2017
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Indian TV channels blacked out in Nepal as crisis over new Constitution deepens

MUMBAI: The conflict between Madhesis and Pahadis in Nepal over the country’s new Constitution has spilled over to the world of entertainment, with the Federation of Nepal Cable Television Association (FNCTA) deciding to block Indian television channels to protest the blockade of a key trade checkpoint with India by agitators opposing Nepal’s new Constitution.

At a meeting held on Sunday, the cable operators had decided to black out all the Indian channels indefinitely from 10 am today in a symbolic protest. The association also said that the broadcast of Hindi channels has already stopped in Chitwan, Pokhara and Mahendranagar.

According to a PTI report, FNCTA president Sushil Parajuli said they decided to shut down the broadcast of the Indian channels as “India has been intruding in the national sovereignty of Nepal”.

He also said that the federation was being pressurised by a few parties and the public to cut the Indian channels.

The Madhesis, who are Indian-origin inhabitants of the Terai plains bordering India, allege that the new Constitution is unfair to them as it does not guarantee enough rights and representation.