21 Nov 2017
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How Doordarshan’s anchors goofed up

MUMBAI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda is clear: establish the public broadcaster as the first original source of information for government programmes. The breaking news from the government side should be on Doordarshan and not on private satellite news channels.

Good as a strategy for reviving Doordarshan. But what is pulling Modi down is the goof-ups on news coverage committed by the pubcaster.

A 4-minute video clip went viral on social media, showing a completely ‘clueless’ Doordarshan anchor covering the opening day of the 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa.

While Prasar Bharati has deputed a senior officer to look into the matter, the video, calling her “the most stupid DD anchor”, showed the immaturity as well as the ignorance of the anchor. From Modi’s “Acche Din Aa Gaye” to “Isiliye to padhega Bharat to badhega Bharat” the anchor, who identified herself as Aaina Pahuja, kept showing herself in poor light.

Pahuja called Goa Governor Mridula Sinha as the Governor of India, without even knowing who she was. She also picked up personalities walking in to the festival and kept asking them, “How are you doing?” To the Hong Kong actor Tony Leung, she asked: “Do you like watching movies?”

Pahuja also blurted out that she does not know much about films and “stuffs”. “I am getting enlightened every second, and if I can get to know, anybody can,” she said.

Earlier, in September, a DD News anchor was sacked for reading Chinese President Xi Jinping’s name as ‘Eleven’ Jinping. She probably got confused with the Roman numeral XI.

In another blunder, Doordarshan News showed visuals of former PM Manmohan Singh in place of present PM Modi.

Another correspondent, while reporting on Kashmir floods, used the word ‘Islamabad’ for ‘Anantnag’. Shankaracharya hill was goofed up for ‘Sulaiman’ hill.