18 Nov 2017
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Extraaa Innings T20 uses Twitter as second screen to enrich viewing experience

MUMBAI: Mult Screen Media has announced that Extraaa Innings T20, its wraparound show for the seventh edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) on Max and Six, has upped the ante with a digital association with Twitter this year to drive viewership and engagement for the show.

Multiple new features will be added to the show and will be seamlessly integrated with the Twitter platform to make it an interactive and enjoyable experience for viewers.

One of the most interesting integrations is ‘Tweet to Unlock’. Viewers of the show will have a chance to unlock exclusive, fun Extraaa Innings T20 content on air by tweeting with #eit20. On reaching the desired retweet target, users will be gratified for their efforts by getting to see the special content during the next airing of the EI T20 show.

For the first time through ‘Twitter Mirror’, the show will use personalised photo experience exclusively from the sets of EI T20 to allow the hosts, cricketers and celebrity guests to tweet out candid pictures and share customised messages with viewers through the @sonymax and @sonysix hashtag account.

Through an ‘interactive Q&A’ initiative, fans can also interact with the acclaimed panellists and guests who come on the show by addressing their questions under the hashtag #eit20. The most interesting questions asked on #eit20 will be answered live on air. Extraaa Innings T20 will also showcase behind-the-scenes footage in six seconds using looping ‘Vine Videos’ to give fans a sneak peek into the making of the show in real time by tweeting them out from @sonymax and @sonysix before, during and after the show.

Twitter India market director Rishi Jaitly said, “In India, Twitter has enabled our users to experience and participate in the biggest media moments that matter to them and has become the second screen for television. We are happy to see Extraaa Innings T20 using Twitter to help viewers connect with the show’s talent and content in real time and make the most of our unique mobile service.”

Max VP marketing, communications Vaishali Sharma said, “Through this unique association, Sony Max and Sony Six are striving to capitalise on this popular and effective medium to draw in more fans. Twitter works as the perfect forum to stimulate the digitally savvy viewer. Our association with twitter will bring viewers closer to Extraaa Innings T20 through integrations that are designed to enhance their experience.”