19 Dec 2017
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Discovery will premiere ‘Inside The Vatican Vault’ on 24 Dec

MUMBAI: Discovery Channel will take the viewers on a journey into the Vatican City of Rome with ‘Inside The Vatican Vault’.

The one hour special programme will showcase the use of one of the church’s oldest rites in a ceremony known as a Canonization. A huge Mass in St. Peter’s Square will mark the Canonization of two previous Popes – John XXIII and John Paul II. Both men modernised the Church in their years in power and Pope Francis is setting the tone of his papacy by publically honouring their lives.

As thousands of pilgrims flood into Rome and millions prepare to watch worldwide, Discovery Channel cameras will go behind the scenes as security teams are briefed and Vatican insiders share their memories of these two saints to be.

‘Inside The Vatican Vault’ will also unravel several intriguing facts about the holy city, the ancient mysteries of Sainthood, the catholic belief and faith in the power of the holy trinity, and some of the magical instances that billions of Catholics around the world believe are proof of the existence of God working through the hands of man.

Get ready to witness a never seen before small screen premiere, about the secret life within the Vatican City and some of the astonishing miracles which are beyond the understanding of both science and humanity.

‘Inside The Vatican Vault’ will premiere on the eve of Christmas on 24 December at 9 pm exclusively on Discovery Channel, Discovery HD World and Discovery Tamil.