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Discovery Turbo unveils the science behind ‘World’s Strangest’

Mumbai: British presenter Jason Bradbury uses quirky science and eye-witness accounts to explore the odd, bizarre and the down-right peculiar in Discovery Turbo’s new series ‘World’s Strangest’.

The show aims to unfold the strangeness, under which lies some truly astonishing science. The series goes on a global hunt to discover the mysteries and amazing scientific truths behind these peculiar traits. The strangest themes include places, vehicles, jobs, sleep, inventions and explosions.

Viewers witness a peaceful lake that becomes a huge vortex swallowing boats and barges, a subterranean salt mine becomes a giant cathedral and blood rains from the sky with no warning. And there is more – exhibiting invisible tree houses, transforming cars, underwater pizza delivery boys, skiing buildings and jet-pack surfing. World’s Strangest also looks at how bomb-sniffing rats could save thousands of lives, robot suits can help the disabled walk again and how life-like androids with artificial intelligence are already among us.

The show kicks off on 22 April and airs every Wednesday at 9 pm.

The series answers to why certain objects behave in a particular way, or what is the reason behind the bewildering behaviour of nature. The reason why bananas can grow on ice and how an island can turn into the world’s largest hair dryer will leave the viewers amazed. In each episode audiences are treated to spectacular visuals and unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to these life-changing discoveries. With weird yet mind boggling stories and findings from across the world, find out about the perplexing breakthroughs only on Discovery Turbo.