21 Nov 2017
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Discovery to present ‘Mystery of the Lost Islands’

MUMBAI: Infotainment channel Discovery will present the ‘Mystery of the Lost Islands’ in its new original series with wildlife expert and adventurer Dave Salmoni.

Unravelling nature’s enigmas, the six-part series will premiere on 9 June and air at 8 pm from Monday to Friday.

Salmoni will investigate the world’s remotest islands to explore extraordinary predators. He will set out to the wildest islands to crack the last big secrets surrounding the world’s most successful natural-born killers.

He will traverse to the untamed islands of Rangiroa, Falklands, Admiralty, Fernandina and Coiba. He will get up close with vampire bats, hammerhead sharks, killer whales and grizzly bears.

It will further put Salmoni’s skills and survival to the test, as he visits Rangiroa or ‘Shark Island’, a secluded site in South Pacific with a frightening reputation as the shark capital of world and home to thousands of deadly sharks. Blacktip reef sharks, tiger sharks, silvertips, grey reef sharks and great hammerheads – these top predators are normally found in small numbers, but here in the middle of an ocean often described as a marine desert, they seem to congregate in incredible numbers.

The series will then travel to the Falklands or the ‘Killer Whale Island’ in South Atlantic where every year numerous elephant seals, sea lions and penguins flock to breed. But they are pursued by the killer whales, which lay siege to the island. With the island fortress quickly becoming a prison, it becomes a gamble between life and death for the seals.

Also travelling to Admiralty or ‘Grizzly Island’ off the coast of Alaska in the Northeast Pacific, it is home to the greatest concentration of grizzly bears on the planet.

Salmoni then visits Fernandina or ‘Volcano Island’ an uninhabited and actively volcanic island in the Galapagos Archipelago. To access the island, Salmoni and the crew have to go through a rigorous quarantine process, to track down some of the weirdest and toughest animals on the planet to find out how they survive in this hell on earth.

He also goes to Coiba or the ‘Devil’s Island’ which is known as a shining green jewel off the coast of Panama but it is remained largely ignored by the locals and has never been plundered, settled or poached. In perhaps his darkest mission yet, Salmoni will journey into Coiba in an attempt to uncover the secret behind stories of ghosts, torture, vampires and death that seem to haunt the island.