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Discovery Science to reveal hidden infrastructures in ‘Strip the City’

MUMBAI: This December, Discovery Science will peel back the layers of eight major cities to unveil the hidden technology that protects us from the onslaught of nature’s terrifying threats. Titled ‘Strip the City’, the programme will air on Discovery Science the entire month.

CGI animation will unveil each city shedding concrete, brick, glass and stone to reveal science’s best defence against the elements.

Premiering 5 December, ‘Strip the City’ will air on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.

The series will take viewers deeper into the city, bringing to light an alien landscape of underground volcanoes, hidden rivers, subterranean cliffs, fragile fault lines and ancient catacombs that play a role in the shaping of these cities and lives of the people above.

Leading engineers and geologists will examine the ingenious designs, innovative technologies and teams of forward-thinking professionals who are instrumental in keeping each city alive and well.

Each episode peels the glass and walls off buildings, rolls up the tarmac on roads, drains oceans and rivers, and slices through bedrock to look below some of the world’s major cities including Dubai, London, Rome, San Francisco, Sydney and Toronto uncovering what keeps them running smoothly.

In the ‘Desert City Dubai’, the city’s engineers and geologists reveal the secrets hidden inside the buildings that keep them standing, protect them from desert storms and keep residents alive in the searing heat.

In the ‘Earthquake City San Francisco’, the series will explore how the city’s buildings and infrastructures survive the onslaught of a destructive earthquake.

Another episode, based on the ‘Harbour City Sydney’, will uncover what is inside Sydney’s skyscrapers and beneath its streets that allow the city to function—from the concealed contours of the harbour that allow super-sized ships to sail into the heart of the city, to the underground caverns that store its water.

In the ‘Ice City’, will focus on how Toronto grew to become the largest city in Canada in such an extreme, frigid environment.

The next episode will focus on the Underground City London. The episode lifts up Buckingham Palace to reveal a ‘lost’ river and show the innovative engineering behind the city’s brand-new port under construction.

The series also peels away the Tower of London to reveal the true scale of the river Thames and removes the steel and glass from Europe’s tallest skyscraper, the Shard to reveal its hidden inner workings.

‘Strip the City’ will also have an episode on the ancient city of Rome, which will reveal the inner workings and the ingenious technology behind the Pantheon, Coliseum, Trevi Fountain and Via Appia.