25 Sep 2017
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Discovery Science reveals stories behind US national treasures in a new show ‘Secrets Of The Arsenal’

MUMBAI: Discovery Science will reveal some of most important – and often hidden – treasures in a new series, ‘Secrets Of The Arsenal’.

Hosted by veteran journalist Geoff Edgers, the show will take viewers where the public doesn’t go: into museum vaults, guarded storage chambers and the back rooms of private collections. Edgers will explain about how much the featured object shaped American history. He will examine everything from the secret letter that connected an underground spying ring during the Revolutionary War to the double barrel shotgun used by infamous stagecoach robber Black Bart.

‘Secrets Of The Arsenal’ will air on Discovery Science, every Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm from 20 June.

Edgers said, “I’ve spent the last twenty years chasing down stories, from Kansas to Cairo, but it’s given me chills to get my paws on these artifacts. I’ve also developed a newfound appreciation and understanding for the people and events that made our country what it is today.”

Each one-hour episode will follow Edgers as he journeys throughout the US in search of four different artifacts that shaped American history. Visiting museums and personal collections, Edgers will hold history in the palms of his hands and learn the powerful, emotional and compelling stories behind each relic.

In the first episode, he will travel in search of stories that hinge on a smoking gun. It tells the stories of a pistol from a German submarine captured by the United States in World War II. From the Wild West to World War II, this episode will highlight four stories of incredible heroism in extraordinary circumstances. Artifacts featured in this episode include a rifle used in a classic shoot-out between a veteran lawman and a cross-eyed bandit; a trophy pistol stolen from a German U-Boat and hidden for more than 75 years; a double barrel shot gun owned by America’s most prolific stagecoach bandit Black Bart; and a revolutionary tactic by “father of American artillery” Samuel Ringgold that changed the course of the Mexican-American War.