19 Sep 2017
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Discovery Science kicks off ‘Seven wonders of the solar system’ on 18 Jan

MUMBAI: Discovery Science will air a new show, ‘Seven wonders of the solar system’, which explores images sent directly from space.

The show kicks off on 18 January and will air Monday to Friday at 10 pm.

Combing CGI with scientific information beamed back from the fleet of probes, rovers and telescopes currently in orbit, the show delves into an alien world where giant ice fountains rise to over 100 km and immense volcanoes capable of ripping a planet apart dominate the landscape. This imagery will be the launch pad for a stunning journey to the planets and moons beyond our world, finding the biggest, most bizarre and most powerful natural phenomena.

Viewers will get a close look at seven of the most astonishing wonders of our solar system, such as the geysers of Enceladus; Saturn’s majestic rings; Jupiter’s awe inspiring Great Red Spot; scale the heights of Olympus Mons on Mars; and more.

The show explores how these previously unseen spectacles have dramatically expanded our horizons, revealing more about the formation of planets and their moons.

The series also looks at the big picture – how the forces of nature carved out beauty and order from the chaos of space; how our home planet doesn’t sit in magnificent isolation but is intimately connected with the rest of the solar system; and how these connections have created the haven we call Earth.