15 Dec 2017
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Cast of ‘Uttaran’ at GroudPost Pune

MUMBAI: It is said that a successful actor lives his role completely. And the television actors in India truly live by that philosophy. They eat, drink and breathe acting and often find themselves behaving like their reel selves in real life.

Colors’ popular show ‘Uttaran’ has recently completed 1,400 episodes and has been seeing many changes in the storyline. Small wonder, therefore, that the three main actors in ‘Uttaran’—Mrunal Jain, Sreejita De and Gaurav Chopra—have imbibed a lot from their reel characters.

Chopra, who has been associated with the show for the past four years as Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore, often behaves like his on-screen persona.

Uttaran team on pune event

Interacting with audiences at TelevisionPost.com’s GroundPost event in Pune, Chopra said, “When I joined the show, I was told that the role will only be for four episodes, but it’s still going on. By now, I relate a lot to my character and often behave like him.”

For Sreejita De, too, it’s the same. The girl, who plays Mukta in ‘Uttaran’, finds it easier to emote when she can identify with her reel self. In fact, once when the actress played the role of a Punjabi girl, she found herself interacting in Punjabi at home too.

However, being the bubbly girl that she is, De would like to play a similar character on the small screen soon.

With the show taking a new turn soon, it will see De play the role of a mother. ‘Uttaran’ has recently taken a lot of leaps and seen numerous changes in the storyline, to stay in the race as TV gets increasingly competitive day by day.

Explaining the changes from the writer’s point of view, Chopra mentioned, “A number of channels are now bringing in new flavour. When I started my career, TV shows used to run for at least two to three years. But now, they all last for six months or less. ‘Uttaran’ has completed 1,400 episodes and in a market where the audience has little patience, reinvention in a show is a much-needed strategy.”

Fan moments

The presence of the cast of ‘Uttaran’ at GroundPost in Pune was indeed a pleasant surprise for the audience.

While many members of the audience enjoyed clicking pictures and interacting with the actors, the actors also shared some of their most memorable fan moments.

For Mrunal Jain, the experience has been religious. The actor, who goes on a pilgrimage every year, had a memorable time in Ahmedabad when people recognised him as a Muslim from the TV show and were wondering why he wanted to visit the temple.

“They kept telling me there is no dargah and asked why I wanted to visit a temple. I had to explain who I was and they even accompanied me to the temple. But they kept wondering why a Jain man would choose the entertainment media,” he said.

De had a somewhat scary fan experience. A man got her address from the security guard of a production house she had worked with earlier and paid her a visit one fine day.

“I was scared and told him I was Sreejita’s sister and Sreejita was not home. But he didn’t believe me and came back seven to eight times, but I never met him. But today I feel bad for the man,” she recalled.

So how is their life like off the screen?

Being health conscious, De quipped that Jain would be found in a gym during a holiday while she would be in the spa.

However, Chopra enjoys meeting new people, reading books, and watching classic English and Hindi movies. Some of his favourite films are ‘Godfather’, ‘Life is Beautiful’, ‘Deewar’ and ‘Ganga Jamuna’. Not much of a TV junkie, he has recently started watching Romedy Now and enjoys it.

Well, with such busy schedules to deal with, an actor’s life is indeed very difficult, stated the three.

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