23 Nov 2017
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Care World TV to launch new series on food adulteration

MUMBAI: Healthcare satellite channel Care World TV will launch a new series ‘F – Factor’ to eradicate the factor of fear in food and help people deal with the nuisance of food adulteration.

The 52-episode series will have microbiologists to demonstrate simple do-it-yourself (DIY) tricks and tips of testing food products at home. To be launched on 1 July, the show aims to inform viewers about different types of adulteration in various food items.

The show will emphasise educating viewers about adulteration and its harmful health effects. It will also inform them about different types of packaging done for different food items.

Care World TV MD Ajit Gupta said, “Food adulteration has become so common that almost everyone is suffering from its consequences. Being a health and wellness channel, it is our prime concern to alert and educate our viewers about the existing malpractices and identify ways to counter it. Each episode will demonstrate different everyday food items like fruits, sugar, ghee, ice cream, sweets, milk, etc. and the experts will guide viewers with simple DIY experiments on how to trace possible adulteration. By doing this at home, one can at least become self-reliant and determine if what is being consumed is indeed safe.”

The series comes at a time when there is apprehension in the minds of consumers about the toxic composition of chemicals in packaged food products. The show will also address certain aspects of labelled food products and educate buyers on identifying the elements that may be harmful for consumption.

“The tests on our shows will be simple and effective in identifying adulteration in food. For example, sugar, an ingredient that is used in every household, can be easily tested for adulteration with water. All one needs to do is add a little water to sugar and check if it leaves a chalky residue. If yes, it could mean that the sugar has been mixed with Calcium Carbonate, which is extremely risky to the health, if consumed. Ideally, sugar when diluted with water should be clear once dissolved. Most tests on the show will be as simple as this and we are sure that these simple experiments will help viewers tremendously,” added Gupta.