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‘Biggest And Baddest’ returns to Animal Planet for a new season in Feb

MUMBAI: Biologist-adventurer Niall McCann goes deeper, further and deadlier in his quest for the planet’s most formidable animals in a new season of ‘Biggest And Baddest’ on Animal Planet. The show will air on weekdays (Monday to Friday) at 9 pm, starting 2 February 2015.

Canadian biologist and adventurer McCann seeks out animals in far corners of the Earth, using every mode of transport available—by land, sea, on planes, in a jeep, by canoe and on elephant back. While McCann encounters some of the most formidable creatures on the planet, the explorer delivers important conservation messages, as he discovers areas of human conflict, habitat destruction and other critical issues that threaten these magnificent animals.

The show sees McCann going after the largest and fiercest animals in the world, following up on reported sightings of legendary creatures and abnormally huge or dangerous animals. Viewers can watch him catching a giant man-eating crocodile and releasing it again far from human habitation; performing a medical intervention on an injured silverback gorilla deep in Bwindi National Park; finding an enormous African rock python in Queen Elizabeth National Park; putting GPS collars on lions in Uganda; flying low over Angel Falls in Venezuela; and seeing Solar Glory and Brocken Spectre in the mist of the most magnificent of cataracts.

He encounters some of the world’s most charismatic and dangerous animals—and in so doing uncovers the background story of human–animal conflict. Niall begins his journey in Uganda, where a 25-foot crocodile has been caught. Is this croc a man-eater? He joins gorilla doctors in Uganda’s Bwindi Forest to tend to some sick primates. He travels to a national park to learn how some villagers are to blame for the decline in the number of lions.