21 Nov 2017
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Big Magic adds ‘Ji Sirji’ to programming bouquet

MUMBAI: Big Magic has been launching TV shows that integrate with the group’s radio network Big FM. It has now unveiled another show, ‘Ji Sirji’, that will be presented on TV as well as radio.

This is the fifth successive show being launched by the network, airing on both Big Magic and Big FM.

‘Ji Sirji’, which will decode the relationship between bosses and their subordinates in the form of funny sketches, will air from 11 November. It will show every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 pm on Big Magic and at 9 pm on Wednesday and Thursday on Big FM.

Big Magic creative director Bimal Unnikrishnan said, “Our current programming strategy revolves around conceptualising content that resonates easily with our target audience, with a high degree of humour and entertainment. The relationship between a boss and his subordinate is an interesting, relatable theme. ‘Ji Sirji’ will bring forth this very relationship in an unconventional style, with funny, topical sketches, one that hasn’t been seen before by the audience. Moreover, with our integrated approach, we are widening our reach by tapping viewers and listeners on both our mediums of dominance.”

Versatile actor Anup Soni will play the lead protagonist of the show and will bring forth shenanigans in a professional work set-up. The show will also witness various actors playing roles of subordinates, who are usually at the receiving end of the whims and fancies of their respective bosses. One of the popular names playing a subordinate on the show is actor Gaurav Sharma, who is known for his character of Pappu from ‘Total Nadaniyaan’.

Each episode of ‘Ji Sirji’ will see multiple sketches, each focusing on a profession, various types of bosses and their behaviour. Soni will be seen playing a boss who is unreasonable, sadist, foolish and insecure. Moreover, he will portray bosses across professions, switching between a corporate executive, government babu and even a truck driver.