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Animal Planet to air show on man’s closest animal cousin, monkey

MUMBAI: We are just one of around 400 species of primate in the world. We have hundreds of bizarre and colourful relatives who live fascinating lives in exotic locations and yet most of us know almost nothing about them.

From India to Madagascar, Borneo to Peru, Animal Planet’s new series ‘Monkeys Revealed’ travels the world meeting apes, monkeys and lemurs of all shapes and sizes, showcasing these animals’ behaviours and revealing just what makes our animal family so special.

The show will air from Monday to Friday at 8 pm on Animal Planet, starting 23 November.

A highly developed brain is the first of three key similarities shared by all primates. Secondly, we share a similar face, with eyes that face forwards. This gives us 3D vision, the ability to judge distances perfectly. Thirdly, the most defining characteristic of any primate is its remarkable hands with an opposable thumb each. This blueprint, coupled with intelligence, forward-facing eyes and a grasping hand, is the key to the success of our entire animal family.

Getting up close and interacting with these engaging creatures, the show demonstrates that we humans are not quite as unique as we like to think. From the orang-utan who washes every morning to the bonobo babies who just want to have fun to the rhesus macaques who have mastered the art of city life, these primates show us how similar we are to our animal cousins.