23 Nov 2017
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Al Jazeera English premieres interactive docu series ‘Indian Hospital Revisited’

MUMBAI: Al Jazeera English has premiered its first interactive documentary series titled ‘Indian Hospital Revisited’ which marks the culmination of the observational series ‘Indian Hospital’.

Aired on 13 March at 8 pm, the documentary will have a repeat telecast on 20 March at 8 pm on the channel. The two-part series will focus on the transformation of key characters from the original ‘Indian Hospital’ series, and bring stories of new characters to light. Accompanying this, the episodes will also feature a range of interactive, web-exclusive elements.

‘Indian Hospital’ and ‘Indian Hospital Revisited’ highlight the complexities and dilemmas of modern India through the varied lives of patients and medical staff at the Narayana Health chain of hospitals.

Directed by Gautam Singh, the ‘Indian Hospital Revisited’ will address questions including hospital and its benevolent vision including staff like Dr Rolson, the surgeon, who fixes peoples’ faces and Dr Shetty, the founder of the hospital.

Singh said, “The documentaries from Al Jazeera English reflect our commitment to never leave the story behind and our outstanding dedication to reveal the stories of patients, doctors and nurses and exploring the rich variety of life in modern India through the prism of hospital life. ‘Indian Hospital Revisited’ is a journey in continuation. We don’t believe in parachute journalism and documentary filming. Once we start on a story we intend to see it through.”

The series will also throw light on how the lives of the patients like Prabhu, whose body was giving in to a degenerative nerve disease, Rajeshwari, whose lower jaw was rebuilt, and Baby Hatesham, who had a liver transplant, have changed in the last two years.

Viewers can catch the series on Dish TV’s Channel 618 and Tata Sky’s Channel 518, apart from the official website which will present interactive elements along with the series.