17 Dec 2017
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Ybrant Digital to change its name to Lycos

MUMBAI: Ybrant Digital Limited, the leading digital media company, has said that it will change its name to “Lycos Internet Limited”, subject to shareholder and ROC approval. This will see the consolidation of all media properties to simplify the identity of the group to a well-known and easy name “Lycos”.

Incidentally, Lycos is a leading brand of search-based internet properties and services from US-based Daum Communications that was acquired by Ybrant Digital in 2010 for $36 million.

The new Lycos is a 500-employee strong, larger version with local offices in 24 countries spread across Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the US. Post the name change, the original Lycos branding will be retained and communicated with a renewed front-end team. At the same time, the network business of Ybrant will continue to perform under the same name, Ybrant Digital.

Lycos has been one of the original pioneers in providing solutions during the static web pages days, creating an incredible text-based search engine to simplify the user experience in seeking information across a barrage of websites created in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

“Sticking to the original philosophy of helping the users navigate the Internet, Lycos will stand for “Simplify Your Digital Life” then and now. This new Lycos will effectively leverage the company’s expertise in digital media and advertising globally. And the company will derive strategic benefits out of the well-known name in generating more business and entering new areas,” said Lycos chairman and CEO Suresh Reddy.

Innovations in the areas of IOT (Internet of Things), Cloud computing, Data (Big and Smart), Crypto currencies, OpenSource, Security and Privacy (Ephemerality or otherwise) set the stage up for an all-enveloping simple framework to operate from. Lycos will spearhead this effort to bring these disparate, disconnected entities (Web sites, apps and IOT devices) to work in a cohesive manner.