26 Sep 2017
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US pay TV providers lost 300,000 subscribers in Q2

MUMBAI: Leichtman Research Group has found that the 13 largest pay-TV providers in the US — representing about 95 per cent of the market — lost about 300,000 net video subscribers in the second quarter of 2014, compared to a loss of about 350,000 video subscribers in 2Q 2013.

The top pay-TV providers account for nearly 95.5 million subscribers — with the top nine cable companies having 49.9 million video subscribers, satellite TV companies having 34.3 million subscribers, and the top telephone companies having about 11.3 million subscribers.

Other key findings for the quarter include:

  • The top nine cable companies lost about 510,000 video subscribers in 2Q 2014 — the fewest losses in any second quarter since 2Q 2009
  • Cable One lost 6.5% of all cable subscribers in 2Q 2014 — the highest percentage of losses in one quarter by any top provider in the past decade
  • Satellite TV providers lost 78,000 subscribers in 2Q 2014 — compared to a loss of 162,000 in 2Q 2013
  • The top telephone providers added 290,000 video subscribers in 2Q 2014 — compared to 373,000 net additions in 2Q 2013

The top pay-TV providers lost about 300,000 subscribers in the traditionally weak second quarter, but cumulative net losses in 2Q 2014 were slightly fewer than in any second quarter since 2Q 2010. Over the past year, the top pay-TV providers actually had a small net gain of about 20,000 subscribers, compared to a cumulative net loss of about 70,000 subscribers over the prior year.”

Pay-TV Providers
Subscribers at 
Net Adds in 
End of 2Q 20142Q 2014
Cable Companies
Time Warner11,212,000(147,000)
Cable ONE490,309(34,254)
Other Major Private Cable Companies*6,570,000(85,000)
Total Top Cable49,908,109(509,954)
Satellite TV Companies (DBS)
Total DBS34,284,000(78,000)
Telephone Companies
AT&T U-verse5,851,000(190,000)
Verizon FiOS5,419,000(100,000)
Total Top Phone11,270,000(290,000)
Total Top Pay-TV Providers95,462,109(297,954)