20 Nov 2017
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ScoopWhoop acquires video streaming firm Touchfon

MUMBAI: ScoopWhoop Media has acquired video streaming company Touchfone Technology.

The acquisition will give ScoopWhoop Media access to Touchfone’s video streaming and ad targeting service, Strmeasy.

ScoopWhoop-techStrmeasy is a video delivery platform that solves the task of streaming videos in low bandwidths, and has powered some of the famous educational and entertainment video content companies in India.

It offers end-to-end video solution that helps businesses manage and deliver videos with the highest quality, irrespective of the device or network the user is on. The platform’s technology advantage in terms of its analytical and targeting capabilities, in addition to its data-driven approach, is a valuable tool for any content owner to deliver, monetise and stream videos in a seamless manner.

With Strmeasy, ScoopWhoop will focus on boosting the advertising offerings, with the help of targeted video ads which have the highest Cost Per Mille (CPM) rates in display advertising. In addition, their experienced 12-member engineering team will ensure the media brand reaches its technological heights.

The streaming service will also allow customised reports to advertorial offerings with demographic specific details. This will help enable the brand to not only focus their video content at targeted audience but also better their quality.

Sattvik MishraScoopWhoop Media co-founder and CEO Sattvik Mishra stated, “We’re very excited to have Strmeasy technology come on board. Their unique technology is going to define the publishing spaces of ScoopWhoop, VagaBomb and Gazabpost, both from user acquisition and revenue point of view. We are looking forward to having Brahmayya, Mahesh and their incredibly talented technology team to script the next chapter of ScoopWhoop’s success.”

The acquisition will revamp the leadership council at Strmeasy with founders Mahesh and Brahmayya taking on the mantles of chief technology officer and chief integration officer, respectively.

Speaking about the new changes, Brahmayya said, “Both Mahesh and I are very enthusiastic about this change, and are hoping to do some exciting work with ScoopWhoop.”

With this development, ScoopWhoop will now establish its presence in Bangalore, in addition to Delhi and Mumbai.