21 Nov 2017
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Mobile app usage in Asia has different consumer behaviour patterns

MUMBAI: Consumers in Asia are different than users from the rest of the world in their app usage and install behaviour, according to new data released by leading mobile marketing, attribution and analytics company AppsFlyer.

Even within Asia, there are noticeable differences between Android and iOS users, the findings showed.

AppsFlyer conducted a study on the State of App Marketing – H2 2015 which analysed over 1.1 billion non-organic app installs of over 6,000 apps and 5 billion app launches from June 1 to December 15 2015 to help marketers understand, among other things, when users in different parts of the world install apps and when they use them. The apps represented a variety of categories including Social, Games, Entertainment, Shopping, Music, Travel, Communication, Business and more.

iOS installs highest on Thursdays and Fridays, Android flat throughout the week

Interestingly, in Asia, the most popular day overall for app installs is Thursday – which is one of the least popular days for app installs in North America and Europe. Consumers in Asia tend to install the most apps on Thursdays and Fridays, at least on iOS. Install activity is 27% higher on these two days than during the first part of the week.

iOS app marketers and those looking to attract users to their apps via marketing and advertising efforts should reduce campaign spending on Mondays and Tuesdays, when users are almost 20% less likely to download apps. On Android, the day of the week has only minimal impact on how many apps are downloaded.

AppsFlyer India country manager Sanjay Trisal said, “The massive success of mobile apps has opened up many exciting options for marketers in India, Asia and across the globe. However, it has also created an ultra competitive landscape in which attracting app users and getting them to stick around for the long run is a formidable challenge. To overcome this challenge, marketers must rely on data and analytics to find every advantage they can get. Armed with this valuable knowledge they can pinpoint their user acquisition and engagement campaigns to generate better results.”

Asian App usage highest on weekend for iOS users, during the week for Android users

App engagement among mobile users throughout Asia is highest on weekends for iOS users, but, somewhat strangely, it is lowest during the weekend for Android users, who show the highest in-app engagement during the week, with a peak on Thursdays.

Further, the study found that one of the most dramatic differences among iOS and Android users in Asia is the contrasting Thursday-Friday usage trend, where there is a relatively big jump in app engagement among iOS users from Thursday to Friday, and the opposite — a drop-off in app engagement among Android users between Thursday and Friday.

AppsFlyer senior marketing manager Shani Rosenfelder said, “For app marketers and others looking to attract app users, the data tells us that a general rule of thumb is to focus any marketing, advertising and user engagement efforts on nights and weekends. If running advertising campaigns, it’s also important for marketers to remember to take into account the impact of supply and demand on any media costs.”

App usage peaks between 8 pm and 9 pm in Asia

Worldwide, app usage is highest during the evenings, with a small lunchtime-bump that is more pronounced in some regions than in others. In Asia, usage among iOS users is 25% higher from 6–10 pm than during other hours of the day. On Android, it is 20% higher during these hours.

Sanjay Trisal further adds, “Marketers and those looking to attract users of iOS apps should focus on Fridays and Saturdays, when there is a higher chance of engagement compared to the rest of the week; they should reduce spend and marketing activities on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as user activity at that time is at its weekly low point.”

More Apps are installed during lunch and at night

Asian consumers install the most apps during their lunchtime break and at night, with install activity peaking at 9 pm for iOS users and 8 pm for Android users.

App installs begin to trail off around 10 pm on both platforms. There is a pronounced “lunchtime bump” on both platforms, when consumers are installing a lot of apps between noon and 2 pm.

Those looking to attract iOS app users should note that install activity is 17% higher than average between 8 pm and 11 pm, while Android users download apps at a rate that’s nearly 15% higher than average between both 12 pm and 2 pm and again between 8 pm and 10 pm.