17 Nov 2017
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iRevo launches smart devices for the TV, PC

MUMBAI: iRevo Multimedia has announced the launch of smart devices for the television and the PC, called SmartTV and SmartPC respectively. After launching some products in a below-the-radar manner in the past, the company is now making an aggressive push in the country.

The iRevo SmartTV is powered by the iRevo Cloud platform and iRevo software. It offers free content in genres like movies and music. The user interface is based on Active Tile Technology. The iRevo SmartTV uses Air Mouse and remote control to facilitate easy interaction.

There is no need to pay a monthly fee after purchasing an iRevo SmartTV. The iRevo Cloud platform has content aggregation and curation features so that people can spend less time searching for content and more time enjoying it. It offers TV shows (catch-up TV) in nine languages. It can also handle social media access. Its app integration technology allows users to switch randomly between various kinds of content and apps without having to exit or stop an application before starting another one.

iRevo Playcast app allows users to users to access their photos, videos, and music on their smartphones or tablet devices from the iRevo SmartTV. The app’s teleplay feature allows users to stream photos, videos, and music from smartphones, tablets, etc. to the TV via iRevo SmartTV.

Founded by a team of Silicon Valley professionals, the company is looking at fund infusion of $10 million. The two new products will reach consumers via retail and e-commerce channels. They will also come bundled with other services offered by ISPs, telecom operators, and MSOs.

iRevo founder-CEO Dhimant Bhayani said, “We are a service delivery platform. We offer a family of consumer-managed devices. We only go into markets where the size is interesting and we can scale up operations. In the past six to nine months, we have shipped products below the radar but are now making a serious push. This requires investments and money. We are looking to raise $10 million. In the first two quarters, we plan to penetrate 10 cities. After our distribution channels are in place, our aim is to sell half a million units within a year. We see profitability 12–18 months down the line. We are here for the long term. Awareness will be the biggest challenge.

“E-commerce is the easiest platform to start off with. We are also working with a national distributor. SmartTV will offer over one million TV episodes, 5.1 million Bollywood music videos, and thousands of movies. Down the line, we would look at partnerships to offer premium content. I see potential in on-demand pay-per-view content. The SmartTV we feel will be first adopted in urban cities. However, the SmartPC will be adopted first in the Tier 2 and 3 cities. We are looking at partnerships with bandwidth service providers.”

In the third quarter, the company will launch a hybrid set-top box. In the fourth quarter, it will launch home automation. The aim is to have smart bundling of the iRevo SmartPC with bandwidth plans.

“With the world fast shrinking and technology uniting all of us, we want to be an active player in getting users connected online in the best possible way. We plan to do so by creating a robust network by collaborating with ISPs, MSOs, and telcos. This will result in bringing cost-effective bundling of the iRevo SmartPC with bandwidth plans. Participating in the various Digital India initiatives with the PMO is sure to put our plans on the fast track. What excites us further is that iRevo supports Kids View that provides educational content and safe browsing for kids. With viruses and pop-ups gone, users can now enjoy a superior browsing experience that is world class right here in India,” he explained.

Sporting a WebTop interface, the SmartPC integrates the desktop, apps, games, and a web browsing environment. The organised WebTop gives a clutter-free and customisable desktop. Underlying the iRevo WebTop is the latest Android 4.4 OS that enables users to download apps directly from Google Play store. The iRevo SmartPC is powered by a Quad Core CPU and DRAM.

Both SmartPC and SmartTV come with a one-year warranty. The SmartTV is priced at Rs 8,499 with Air Mouse. The price is Rs 7,499 with IR Remote. The iRevo SmartPC with wireless keyboard and mouse starts at Rs 7,499.

iRevo also offers business solutions for enterprises. The cost of its digital signage solution is 30–50 per cent less than competition. The managed service option allows for further savings. According to the company, the iRevo digital signage platform can drive a complex message screen at full HD resolution. Users have the flexibility of using the solution in various modes.

The company noted that digital signage allows companies to deliver compelling content in the right location and at the right time for maximum impact. The company said that its digital signage offering is versatile and supports a range of templates, content types, content sources, and presentation options.