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Dice Media releases new video ‘Censor Virus: The New Plague’

MUMBAI: Dice Media, the premium video division of Pocket Aces, has released a new video titled ‘Censor Virus: The New Plague’, in association with the BakkBenchers.

The video is a satire on how freedom of speech in India usually gets censored. It chronicles what life would be if everyday conversations were censored just like in ‘reel life’.

The video features actors Saqib Saleem and Kartik Krishnan, the latter having appeared in videos like ‘Every Indian Cricket Fan’, ‘Every Football Fan’ and more on FilterCopy.

The video is a sketch of a patient who suffers from a fast-growing virus called the ‘Censor Virus’, and a doctor, who is trying to help him deal with its epidemic. The doctor elaborates on various cases of censorship that have been observed across the nation to either conceal the truth or protect the image of certain dignitaries. The video concludes by giving away the message that open mindedness and a basic sense of humour can help reduce genuine conversations from going under the scissors of censorship and make some actual difference.

This year, Pocket Aces plans to come out with around 400 videos and four web series. The company is set to launch its six-part web series ‘Rent.Con’, a comedy of errors. One of the four web series is a light drama revolving around three women aged 16, 23 and 35 years. Also coming up is a thriller series about a female drug lord.