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Dekkho to launch localised search in 6 languages

MUMBAI: Dekkho is aiming to add a regional layer and social play to its platform. The online video streaming platform has decided to launch localised search in six languages and browsing options for regional content viewers.

As part of its latest content strategy, Dekkho will collaborate with creators to source original content in regional languages for viewers across the country. Local artists and influencers will attract vernacular audiences to the platform with videos on regional gossip, politics and humour in six languages.

Additionally, Dekkho will introduce a regional language keypad in its interface for users to be able to search for content easily in the language they prefer. It will fully integrate a ‘search in regional language’ option and optimise it for each target group in the next two quarters.

Premium content providers will also contribute by creating regional videos in addition to their English content for Dekkho, providing 8,000-10,000 hours of content over the next year.

Dekkho co-founder Tanay Desai said, “At Dekkho, we started off with a youth-focused, urban approach to our product. While this was a good strategy for early eyeballs, the larger focus is to become a default social video network for the masses, something that India clearly lacks in comparison to a country like China, where each network is highly local. The video content available on YouTube or Facebook is highly scattered with little classification for viewers to be able to search and browse easily. We want to build an aspirational brand for the common man to consume. Dekkho will have a unique, localised product for every region, with a completely novel look and feel for each. While focusing on local amateur content through verified users, we also want to expose mainstream content to this segment. Dekkho’s vision is to empower the Indian user with a fully-native product and target the next wave of internet adopters rather than disrupt existing platforms.”

According to reports, the regional video market is growing 3-5x faster than the mainstream English and Hindi video market both in terms of production and consumption. Content from independent creators packaged with a distinct regional flavour through subtitles, dubbing, etc. has proven to be an attractive and massive segment with huge potential for the overall OTT video industry.

Dekkho recently launched campaigns to tap into the unscripted and independent creator market, which comprises around 80% of the overall production volume of online entertainment and is poised to be the next disruptor in digital entertainment.

As part of its marketing strategy, Dekkho has tied up with leading telecom operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to offer greater exposure to content developed by independent creators.