21 Nov 2017
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Culture Machine’s latest film is ‘Cover Up’

MUMBAI: Culture Machine, a digital entertainment company, has come out with its latest film ‘Cover Up’ by Roshnee Desai.

Made under the banner of Blush Originals and supported by their ‘Being Indian’ channel, the experimental mixed media film explores a woman’s subconscious regarding her safety as she travels alone at 3 am in Mumbai.

Using abstract art, textures and patterns, a montage of visuals and a narrative, the film re-creates the character of the city at night and follows the narrator as she takes an auto to get home at what is traditionally considered an “unsafe” time.

The narrator, an independent woman in her late 20s, talks about how she fears for herself at night in her subconscious and is forced to cover up her identity, compromising her so called freedom, to only feel safe. The 2-minute film underscores the inner turmoil, the brutal fear and hypocrisy that women experience in Indian society.

Commenting on the film, Desai said, “We are taught that as women, we are constantly being watched and scrutinised. Subconsciously, we become puppets to this punishable voice in our heads – always checking, judging and being too wary of ourselves. After I went to study in London, I realised that our society has conditioned us to not believe in ourselves. I found my inhibitions as a woman were slowly changing and I could stop the voice from dictating me. I hope that after people watch this film, they start to question the validity of these inhibitions and hopefully free themselves of it.”