18 Nov 2017
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Conax targets premium 4K/UHD content in hybrid STBs

MUMBAI: Conax has launched Conax Lynx, a TEE-based solution, and Conax Prime Access, a cardless security client designed for hybrid set-top boxes.

Conax Lynx enables strong isolation on hybrid set-top boxes, reduced integration effort for middleware partners and access to premium 4K/UHD content for operators.

Lynx complements Conax Smart Card and Cardless security clients, enabling value-added features in advanced middleware solutions.

Conax Prime Access, the latest addition to the Conax content security clients, will help pay TV operators boost average revenue per user (ARPU) and secure their content based on the ECP specifications recommended by MovieLabs.

Prime Access is pre-integrated with Lynx, using a security architecture that allows pay TV operators to easily integrate their own or third party OTT services on the same set-top box. With Prime Access, operators can reduce churn by delivering their own OTT services and enhance user experience on the same advanced set-top box.

Connectable set-top boxes, being open to third-party apps, present an increased piracy threat surface. Additionally, pay TV operators are required to meet stricter MovieLabs guidelines for ECP specifications, to eliminate piracy and content redistribution issues on connected devices.

Leveraging the trend towards set-top boxes with advanced middleware solutions like Android TV, Open TV, RDK and others, Conax Lynx adds a layer of secure control allowing operators to securely embed OTT services in the same set-top box offering, without interfering with the DVB content. Operators can thus focus on delivering rich end-user experience on the devices, resulting in reduced churn and increased ARPU.

Middleware vendors planning to integrate with the Conax security solution on multiple set-top boxes will benefit from the standardised middleware API set.

Conax Lynx, combined with a Smart Card or Cardless security client, will allow operators the flexibility to choose the best suited middleware solution to deliver the right user experience for higher ARPU subscriber segments.

Cardless security client Conax Prime Access is pre-integrated with Lynx to securely control the content decryption process, the secure media pipeline (SMP) and the usage rights handling mechanisms of the premium content. Prime Access performs security-sensitive computing in an isolated secure processor, using hardware root-of-trust and the DVB chipset’s in-built security features. It eases the integration effort of the content security solution in advanced set-top boxes. Thanks to Conax Contego unified security hub, Prime Access works alongside Conax Smart Cards and Conax Core Access in the same pay TV operation.

Said Conax executive VP products, partners Tom Jahr, “In a world of continuously evolving consumer preferences, operators are looking to step up their offerings. They want access to premium, early release window content along with access to advanced set-top-box devices to deliver this value securely. Conax is proud to launch its next generation security clients & solutions, which will enable customers to drive up their ARPU, reduce churn in their operations and achieve higher end-user satisfaction through advanced set-top-box propositions.”