12 Dec 2017
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Amazon Studios lines up six new pilots

MUMBAI: Following the five Daytime Emmy Awards won for Amazon Original Series, the retail major has announced that it has greenlit four animated kids pilots—‘The Adventures of Knickerbock Teetertop’, ‘Lost In Oz’, ‘Lily the Unicorn’ and ‘Bear in Underwear’

It has also greenlit two live-action kids pilots ‘A History of Radness’ and ‘The Kicks’ for its next kids pilot season debuting this summer on Amazon Instant Video.

The new pilots will come from creative talent including David Babcock, Andrew Green, Adam Wilson and Melanie Wilson LaBracio and The Jim Henson Company.

Customers will once again be invited to watch and provide feedback on the shows they want to see turned into full series for Prime members. All pilots will be available via the Amazon Instant Video app for TVs, connected devices and mobile devices, or online at Amazon.com/AIV.

Amazon Studios head of kids programming Tara Sorensen said, “These new pilots will bring sophisticated stories and unique points of view that we hope will resonate well with kids and families. We’re very excited to be working with such passionate creative teams and look forward to sharing these projects with our customers later this year.”

Amazon’s new kids pilots include:

  • The Adventures of Knickerbock Teetertopis about the smallest kid on the enchanted Wonderpine Mountain. He wants to be a big adventurer just like his grandpa. Joined by friends on his magical Wonderboggan, Knickerbock, Holly, and Otto have wondrous, challenging adventures discovering new places and creatures – and it’s not easy. Knickerbock bounces along rugged terrain, pushes against the elements, and challenges himself to overcome obstacles. As he encounters problems Knickerbock uses perseverance, grit, and some encouragement from Grandpa to “adventure on, adventure through.”
  • ‘Lost in Oz’is an animated, action-adventure comedy set in a modern, metropolitan Emerald City. Stranded in this spectacular world, 12-year-old Dorothy Gale befriends West, a young, street-smart witch grappling with dark temptations, and Ojo, a giant munchkin. With Dorothy’s dogToto, this unlikely crew embarks on an epic journey, seeking out the magic Dorothy needs to get back to Kansas. The challenge for Dorothy, and everyone else in this world, is that Oz is facing the greatest magic crisis in eons.
  • Bear in Underwear (for children ages 6-11)
    If there’s one thing any forest creature needs before stepping out to greet the day it’s…underwear? At least that is the way the cast of ‘Bear in Underwear’ sees things! In Shady Glade Woods Eddie Behr, an eternally optimistic, high energy bear, and his quirky group of animal friends and family reside. Eddie aspires to be a forest legend just like his dad, who discovered “pants” at an abandoned campsite (well, actually, what he really discovered were tighty whiteys….but no one knows the difference!).

Although Eddie is eager to make just as positive an impact on his community as his father did, he soon realizes that success may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Delightful hijinks ensue in a world full of forest animals who look at everything from a slightly skewed point of view.