Star Plus celebrates Mother’s Day in a special way this year, by showing how mothers are the champions of change by creating positive male role models

MUMBAI: Are we bringing up our boys right? Do we tell them to share the chores at home? Do we tell them how to be responsible and sensitive partners? Do we tell them to respect women?

These are the questions that are plaguing the society at large today.

In an attempt to direct attention to these questions and taking ahead the mantle of Nayi Soch, Star Plus has come up with a MD brand film which salutes mothers for being the champions of change.

A mother’s examples become permanent images, which shape their attitudes and actions for the rest of their life. Mothers can bring up the their sons right, if the right kind of thinking/value system is passed on to them since childhood, which they pick up subconsciously and sometimes consciously and as a result turn out to be sensitive and responsible men.

With this thought, a mother is taking a step towards building positive role models to create a better society (devoid of stereotypes) and thus being a Nayi soch mother