Shop CJ strays from the Bold talk, engages with the Beautiful

MUMBAI: A woman’s essence lies in her inherent ability to care, love and sacrifice for others. Celebrating the spirit of womanhood, this Women’s day, Shop CJ is calling on those unique traits that define an Indian woman through its campaign #TheGreatIndianWoman. While most brands have gone bold with their approach on campaigns, here’s a brand that celebrates women for who they are.

In a scenario where brands are increasingly building awareness about how women should make bold choices and be at par with men, Shop CJ is celebrating the tender and loving personality traits of the Indian woman. The campaign embraces women for what they are regardless of what they wear, what their profession is, their age and other aspects. The brand is reminding everyone of the little joys of womanhood by appreciating their individuality.

Commenting on this unique approach, Dhruva Chandrie, COO, Shop CJ exclaimed, “When our society is abuzz with encouraging women to be bold, we as a brand are celebrating womanhood and accepting them as they are; regardless of her choices in life. Women being our key target audience, Shop CJ has always believed in recognizing the spirit of Indian women simply by appreciating them for who and how they are and the campaign resonating with what our brand stands for.”

Shop CJ is bringing out the true essence of an Indian woman through innovative and engaging posts and videos on their social media highlighting the warm and cheerful tones of the Indian women. The videos will depict aspects like Demand like #TheGreatIndianWoman, Dare like #TheGreatIndianWoman, Care like #TheGreatIndianWoman etc. 100 women customers will be greeted by Shop CJ with a rose and personalized cards. Moreover, to celebrate the occasion Shop CJ is going to the extent of even renaming its flagship property ‘Hafte Ka Hero’ to ‘Hafte ki Heroine’.

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