14 Dec 2017
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Raj Kamal Jha made chief editor of Indian Express Group

MUMBAI: With Shekhar Gupta moving out, The Indian Express group has elevated editor Raj Kamal Jha to the post of chief editor. Managing editor Unni Rajen Shanker has been made editor.

Raj-Kamal-Jha-coverJha will directly report to Indian Express chairman Viveck Goenka.

Goenka made the announcement in an internal mail to the employees. He wrote, “With much regret, I accept Shekhar Gupta’s resignation as Editor-in-Chief of The Indian Express. I truly appreciate his letter to all of us and I wish him the very best.”

About Jha, Goenka said that his leadership is grounded in his commitment to professional excellence and uncompromising integrity. “He brings to the newsroom creativity, clarity and depth, three qualities increasingly rare in our business. This not only inspires his colleagues, it powers them to realise their best potential.”

About Shankar, he added, “Unni has been a reporter, an Editor, a Resident Editor (Mumbai) and Editor of the Express News Service. He brings to his leadership a deep understanding of all the different roles in the changing newsroom and an unrivalled sense of fairness and empathy. It’s this that enables him to attract the finest talent and then nurture them. Unni is one of the pillars of the Express.”

Both Jha and Shankar had joined the company in 1996 and are, therefore, ideally placed to help guide the paper into the future. “That is why, to facilitate a seamless transition, I am proud to repose my faith in them and redesignate them for their new roles,” Goenka said.

Viveck-Goenka-1Promising his full support to Jha and Shankar, Goenka said, “I look forward to working closely with them. They will find me every bit as supportive as all their predecessors, including Shekhar did, as we plan and implement exciting new upgrades to all our news brands. There is​ work to do.”

He also mentioned that the country has witnessed a remarkable election and an even​ more remarkable victory that bring with it challenges for all in the news business whose mission is to question, to report, to interpret and to analyse.

“I firmly believe and, more so, given the changes in the media landscape, that these are challenges best suited for The Indian Express, given how strongly independence and courage are wired in our ​genes​. I believe that the present news media environment in India offers us an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to what we do best: faithful and courageous journalism. With all the shrill voices on TV, the paid news in print and the corporate funded or politician backed news organisations, The Indian Express must be the voice India can turn to and trust. Speaking truth to power is hard wired in the genes of our editorial teams. The “Express” commitment to this legacy, mine and that of the future generation, will certainly endure. The newsroom is and will be the most sacred space in our institution,” he wrote.

The letter further added, “I am committed to raising the bar and instilling a fresh new energy in our editorial teams. In addition to revamped content, I look forward to closely integrating all our news operating systems because our growth is now across platforms. This was evident last month, during Verdict 2014.”

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