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MIB revokes FM licence of Positiv Radio for non-transmission of channels

MUMBAI: The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has revoked the licence of Positiv Radio to establish, maintain and operate private FM radio broadcasting channels in Agartala and Itanagar.

The licence cancellation is effective from the issue of the order on 25 October.

The licence was revoked as the channels discontinued transmission for more than six months without the approval of the ministry. It was noted that broadcasting by the Agartala and Itanagar stations had been discontinued since 26 April 2015, which is more than six months.

Phase II guidelines provide that the ministry may revoke permission if transmission from the channel is discontinued for more than six months for whatever reason. Due to the licence revocation, Positiv Radio Pvt Ltd will lose the one-time non-refundable entry fee (OTEF).

The ministry had sought status of these channels from Broadcasting Engineering Consultants India Ltd (BECIL), the system integrator and authorised agency for monitoring private FM radio transmission. BECIL informed that Positiv Radio had stopped broadcasting in Agartala and Itanagar in June 2015.

When the ministry sought confirmation from the permission holder, they informed that broadcasting of these channels was discontinued due to unavoidable circumstances. The ministry had issued a show-cause notice to Positiv Radio as a last opportunity asking why permission granted to it to broadcast FM radio under Phase II may not be revoked. However, no reply was received from them even after the expiry of the prescribed time period.