21 Nov 2017
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ABP Group’s Bengali magazines to be available on Magzter

MUMBAI: ABP Group, the Kolkata-based regional media powerhouse, has joined Magzter, a global digital magazine newsstand and book store. The media group’s magazines like ‘Desh’, ‘Sananda’, ‘Anandamela’, ‘Anandalok’ and ‘Unishkuri’ will be available on Magzter.

Magzter has set up a global eco-system of magazine publishers and readers in just over three years, gaining popularity among publishers in India, urging them to turn digital. India is one of the leading consumers of smart devices in Asia, making for an apt partner to spread Magzter’s ‘go green’ mantra.

ABP’s participation in the digital publishing movement will be another big boost to the newsstand’s creation of a paper-free environment. Magzter’s 24 million readers across the globe can now tap, read and enjoy what one of India’s foremost publishers has to offer.

‘Desh’ has been the epitome of Bengali language and literature in India. With great literary appeal connecting to its readers as an intellectual companion, ‘Desh’ has been playing a significant role in shaping the cultural ethos of Bengalis over the last eight decades. The magazine remains special for its short stories, novels, non-fiction work, and pieces on topics of current, historical and cultural interest. It is priced at US $16 for an annual subscription.

‘Sananda’ is about celebrating womanhood. A bouquet of fashion, lifestyle, culinary skills, diet, etiquette, travel, home and well-being, the magazine empowers every woman to balance her home and her life outside with equal ease and stand out a winner in every situation. The magazine is priced at US $20 for an annual subscription.

‘Anandamela’ is the most widely read children’s fortnightly magazine in Bengali. From science to sports, fiction to comics, adventure to astronomy, ‘Anandamela’ takes its readers through the world of adventure and fantasy. The magazine is priced at US $6.40 for an annual subscription.

‘Anandalok’ is the only magazine in Bengali language on Hollywood, Bollywood and Bengali movie celebrities. The magazine is priced at US $12.80 for an annual subscription.

‘Unishkuri’ is a popular fortnightly Bengali magazine for teens and young adults. With its exclusive content, the magazine helps all to remain connected with their peer and happenings around their world. It is priced at USD $9.60 for an annual subscription.

“Magzter is the leading platform for magazines on a digital news stand. Magzter also provides a simple one-stop solution for us to upload 10 issues a month. It was therefore natural that we chose Magzter to debut our magazines on the digital newsstand segment. There are approximately 250 million speakers of Bengali across the world, of which at least 2–3 million affluent well-educated Bengalis are in North America, Europe, South East Asia and Australasia. Many of these Bengalis are avid readers of quality Bengali content, but cannot lay their hands on Bengali magazines easily. Our objective is to reach these Bengali readers through Magzter and provide them with the reading pleasure of the best magazine content available in the world—the magazines from ABP,” said ABP Group VP of Bengali magazines Kaushik Ghosh.

“Every step we take forward at Magzter is towards providing content that our readers across the world are seeking. ABP is renowned for its literary contributions not just in Kolkata but all over India and has some remarkable features to offer. India has a wealth of content in several languages and now Magzter readers will have access to some fabulous publications in Bengali,” Magzter CEO Girish Ramdas.